25 Ways to Boost Website Traffic that Really Work

Every webmaster wants to increase traffic and hunts for secret formula. But there is no secret. The only thing is “CONTENT” which drives traffic naturally. This write-up is for the newbies to whom we present 25 golden principles, “how to boost website traffic”.

What to write?

1. Ask yourself and your readers.
2. Write something new, trendy article.
3. Write something controversial.
4. Provoke your readers to comment.

How to Write?

5. Write a catchy post title.
6. Write a catchy excerpt.
7. Add an unique, eye-catching featured image.
8. Write a good to read article. (Neither short nor long)
9. Write article on daily basis.

Search Engine Optimization

10. Interlink your own posts.
11. Use a Similar post plugin.
12. Use a SEO plugin.
13. Use keywords in post title, excerpts and images.

Share on Social Media

14. Create Facebook and Google+ page for your blog.
15. Share one post daily on fb and g+ page.
16. Share regularly on Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Pinterest.

Email Campaign

17. Add Blog address with Email Signature.
18. Collect Email address and build your Subscriber List.
19. Offer something special to subscriber only, e.g. free e-book.
20. Send Newsletter to your subscribers occasionally.

Diversify yourself

21. Create Facebook and Google+ page for your blog.
22. Create blogs of similar name with free blogging platforms e.g. Tumblr, wordpress, blogger etc.
23. Create presentation from your top posts and share it on SlideShare.
24. Create Video and share on Youtube.
25. Join Other Blog or forum of similar niche. Add useful Comment with a backlink of your blog.

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