WBXPress.NET is primarily a hosting provider.

We help people to create websites and provide free hosting to them.

Back in June, 2011 we started wbxpress.com for West Bengal Govt. Employees. The story begins here. While creating and hosting this site our main consideration was such that people having slow internet connection can also make use of it.

So, we optimized it and achieved a great score. Shown below:


After the huge success of wbxpress.com, we became passionate about making websites faster and faster. We extended our hosting free of cost to everybody. Yes, you heard right. We offer free hosting which is the same VPS we use here. See blueprint.

If you ever though of creating a website of your own, contact with us. We will help you in every steps involved. We are also creating series of tutorials which you may find worth reading.

We know you have lot of questions in your mind. Few of them are answered here: FAQs.

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