Add Widgets to Homepage of Genesis Theme


It is very easy to add widgets in the sidebar of a wordpress powered website. Simply add widgets in the sidebar from dashboard->appearance->widgets. But, what, if you want to add widgets in home page also. It is not so easy. To achieve this theme modification is necessary. Very few themes have such ability by default. That type of theme is called Magazine styled theme.

We here describe the method to create a magazine style theme (i.e. to add widgets in home page) from any genesis child theme.

There are three steps.

Step 1: To add code in functions.php
Step 2: To create a front-page.php template
Step 3: To add code in style.css

Add the following code in genesis child theme’s functions.php file.

Create front-page.php file and upload this file to theme directory where style.css exists.

Add the following codes to style.css.

And add the following code inside @media only screen.

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