Customizing Meta Widget in WordPress

When you are logged in the Meta Widget looks like: When your are logged out the Meta Widget looks like:
meta-logged-out meta-logged-in

This widget is helpful in a membership site. This widget have some redundant information like Entries RSS, Comments RSS and link. You may keep it as usual otherwise remove at least the last two links. But there is no clean and easy way to remove these links. Because it is inbuilt with the core feature of wordpress. However, if can remove these links editing the core template of wordpress. That’s why we call it the dirty way.

Here is how you edit:

1. Open the following file in your wordpress installation.


2. Find “Meta widget class“. (Around line 384)

3. If you want to delete the last three links, then remove the following chunk of codes:


Line 410 is for Entries RSS
Line 411 is for Comments RSS
Line 412 to 427 is for link

So, if you need to remove any of the above just remember which code is for what.

That’s all.

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