Create Email Address at your Own Domain Name

When you are running a website you must have a email address for communication with your viewers or clients. Some people use email address like,, etc. But it does not look professional because they are using free email service provider.

But when you send an email to your clients or viewers from an email address like it impress viewers and they think your site as a professional site.

Do you think creating and maintaining such email at your own domain may be costly? You are absolutely wrong. It does not cost at all. There are many free services by which you can create your own personalized email address. The best one we use here is zohomail.

Why Zohomail?

Because it is ad-free. Like any other email service provider (e.g. gmail) it does not read your email to display relevant ads to you. They respect your privacy. The free plan offers 5 GB storage, which in our opinion is enough to meet the requirements of a medium traffic website.

How to create my Personalized Email?

You need to sign up for a free account at zohomail


Next you need to add your domain name e.g. and click “Add Domain


Fill up the above screen and click signup. You may choose Email address like admin, info, noreply etc. After successful submission you will see success screen.


Next, you need to verify domain. You can verify the domain by CNAME, TXT or HTML methods. Ask your host if you need any assistance verifying your domain name. See detail at zohomail.

After successful verification you can have your own email address like as well as a nice inbox from zohomail.

Let us know if you ever came accross any different service like this. We shall be happy to test that service.

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