1. How long your VPS is free?

We host all our client’s sites at Linode.com. At the moment we are providing free hosting. Free hosting for lifetime. We will manage it for ultimate performance using high performance web server. We also provide migration service or any kind of technical support for free.

2. What is the size?

Size varies according to website load. We host high traffic sites at high capacity VPS.
We manage a typical Linode 2048 i.e. Linode with 2 GB RAM to withstand 1000 concurrent users.
We provide Linode 2GB for websites having a traffic of 20000 per day or more (high traffic).
Otherwise, we host 5-10 websites (small traffic) in a single Linode 1GB.

3. Do I get full root access?

For small traffic websites we do not provide full root access due to security point of view.
For high traffic websites we provide full root access.

4. Do you provide cPanel?

We don’t use cPanel. We manage all our client sites only from command line. As because we do not use any commercial product our service are cost effective.

5. My sites are in shared hosting. Do I get any benefit if I go for free VPS?

When you go for a VPS, which is properly configured for best performance, you will experience an immediate speed improvement.

Rely upon us. We assure our best service for smooth running your site. You are not just getting a free VPS but you are getting a free managed VPS which is too costly nowadays.

We rather say, just try for a week or a month and decide. We take weekly backup which you can download. If you are not satisfied just revert back to your old host in no down time. While you revert to your old host we shall also provide full technical support, if necessary.

6. Why and How you provide all this for free?

Hosting is getting cheaper everyday, specially unmanaged hosting. Managed hosting is still costly. Our experts can convert an unmanaged hosting to a managed one for maximum performance using minimum resource. That’s why we can provide free VPS hosting.
We request our clients to put a link of our site i.e. WBXPress.NET at the footer of their websites.

To be continued….

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