How to Find all Untagged Posts in WordPress

Category and Tag features of WordPress is excellent for classification of posts in proper manner. A wise use of category and tag is very much essential for a good reading experience. Sometime we write posts but forget to tag with few keywords. Tagging a posts with proper keyword is beneficial for SEO.

How to find untagged posts?

If you have many posts then it is better to run a SQL query to fetch all posts which do not have been tagged. Don’t panic. You dont have to run the SQL query from command line or phpmyadmin. Here is the code for a page layout Untagged.

1. Put this file “untagged.php” in your wordpress theme directory.

2. Create a Page from WordPress dashboard and name it anything you like.

3. Choose page layout Untagged as follows:-


4. Publish the page and you are done.

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