Linode Upgraded its Virtualization Platform

We are at Linode. Linode is the biggest VPS provider. Recently Linode upgraded its virtualization platform from Xen to KVM.


What is this?

KVM is a virtualization technology that is an alternative to Xen. Its benefits include much greater performance (less overhead), and the ability to run weird OSs. It is the future here at Linode.

How much faster?

  • 300% improvement in UnixBench score, with a KVM Linode vs a Xen Linode
  • 28% faster at compiling a Linux kernel with a KVM Linode vs a Xen Linode
  • Boot and shutdown times are greatly improved

Will this break stuff?

Probably not. Upgrading an existing deployment to KVM requires that the “Distro Helper” is enabled in your configuration profile. This will happen automatically.

Specific changes from Xen to KVM will be detailed in our upcoming KVM guide…

And We just Upgraded to KVM

And It was Smooth!!

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