Registration, Comment, Trackback Spam in WordPress

The most daunting task in WordPress is to fight with Spammers. Be it registration spam, comment spam or trackback spam. There are numerous plugin to prevent spam in wordpress but unfortunately there is no simple, effective and complete solution. In this article we will discuss few strategies adopting which one may prevent almost all spammers.

First thing first. You decide whether to allow user registration in your site. If you have no intention to create a membership site then you may turn off user registration. Then you will be 100% protected from registration spammer. Goto Settings-> General and untick the following.


But this is not desired always. Many blog owners want people register in their site. So, the above is not a solution for them. The best possible solution is to add the following plugin:

Registration Honeypot

This is the simplest plugin that prevents only registration spam and it performs excellent. This plugin do not create captcha but it creates a simple, hidden field to trap registration spammer.

If you allow comments in your article, the best thing to prevent comment spam is to allow only registered member to comment. Goto Settings->Discussion and tick. This combination with registration plugin works great.


However, this is always not the desired case. You may want to keep comments open for all member, registered member and guest member. In that case you should install the following plugin:


No captcha is used in this plugin. It also works the same way as the registration honeypot plugin. It creates a hidden field to trap spam commentator. Simply it works in 99% cases.

Lastly to fight trackback spam, you need to untick the highlighted option from Settings->Discussion.


That’s all you need to prevent registration spam, comment spam and trackback spam in your wordpress blog.

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