Website Speed Guide – Data Center for Indian Websites

Google announced to rank better, a website which loads faster.
So, Website Developers are trying to make their sites speedy by various techniques. The key points are:-

  • Use a Fast Hosting Service
  • Choose a Data Center which is nearest to your visitors.
  • Install a fast performance based web server.
  • Use minimal theme and avoid too many graphics.
  • Use less plugins.
  • Cache your site content.

Now we like to address the above issues in short. We choose Linode as our hosting provider, because it is solid, stable, proven for years.

Choosing data centers is often a vital issue. There are 7 data centers of linode:-

  1. Newark
  2. Fremont
  3. Atlanta
  4. Dallas
  5. London
  6. Tokyo
  7. Singapore

Data centers are geographical location where your site content are kept. For one of our client site of which the visitors are all from India, we first thought of Singapore would be the best choice as it is nearest geographically with India. Our second choice was Tokyo. But surprisingly, this proved to be wrong. We found London serves faster than Singapore and Tokyo.

We tested with a small file uploaded to three different data centers and found that:-

Data Center at Singapore
Data Center at Tokyo
Data Center at London

You can see that the page loading time is minimum in case of London data center  in comparison with Singapore and Tokyo. So for Indian websites we recommend to use a london data center.

We rely on NGINX web server. It is relatively new compared to the popular Apache web server. Nginx can handle huge number of traffics compared to apache and it consumes less memory. Nginx has built in caching capability which performs excellent. So no need to install plugin.

Update: To differentiate the page load time between Tokyo, Japan and London, U.K. we actually hosted our full site. We noticed that inspite of Tokyo is nearer to India than London, we got better result in London.

WBXPress Home Page hosted at London:-


WBXPress Home Page hosted at Tokyo:-


WBXPress Single Post Page hosted at London:-


WBXPress Single Post Page hosted at Tokyo:-


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