Should I buy a Domain Name for Website?

Time will come when there will be a website for every ordinary things.

It may be a personal website, a company’s website, shop owner’s website, school, college, club, restaurant, gym etc. and a long list which you can not imagine.

The purpose of all of the above is to create an online presence.

If you have ever thought of creating a website for your own or your company, the very first thing you should buy is a name for it, which is called “domain name“.

Note: You can create also your website without buying a domain name. In that case, you can not have something like, “”; rather you have to choose “” or “” or “” etc.

There are places from where you can buy domain names. They are called domain registrar. To name a few:


Namecheap provides 2 factor authentication which is a great tool to secure the domains account. By the way, purchasing a domain name is not expensive. It is a matter of 10USD (approx 700 INR) per year. It may vary from registrar to registrar.

It is also to be mentioned here, that the following domain name extensions are most popular:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
Domain names extensions
Domain names extensions

Precisely, .com is for commercial websites; .net is for internet related sites and .org is for non-profit organizations. However, there is no bar choosing domain name extensions.

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