Why you should use Google Webmaster Tools

If you own a website, you should take care of your site health by observing the following:

1. Does your site consist of any broken links?
2. How fast your site is?
3. Whether there are any duplicate contents?
4. IS your website optimized for most search engines?
5. Do your site contain any vulnerable script?
6. Whether your site is targeted for any particular country or any particular language?
7. Whether your site usable for mobile devices?

There is a good news for you. All of the above issues can be addressed using a single point of control and this is provided by Google for free of cost. It is called Google Webmaster Tools.

If you don’t have an account, you should open it immediately. Just goto the following link:


There you can add your as many websites as you like and watch individual site separately. Setting up of this tool is quite easy. However, you may follow this tutorial.

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