Why WordPress is Superior than Blogger?

Blogger offers free hosting for blogging. It is a good option for new blogger. But can it handle a considerable traffic when your blog gets popular? There is a debate on this issue. After exploring different parameters of blogger free hosting and self hosted blog with WordPress blogging Software, I conclude with the following findings.

  1. Loading time will be as much faster as 130% in self hosted blog. (tested on http://whichloadsfaster.com/)
  2. User Database is readily available for creating newsletter / email to selected users. In Blogger even you can’t get your follower’s email address. The user database is not available to the blog owner.
  3. Tons of excellent free wordpress theme available which are much faster than blogger’s theme.
  4. WordPress themes have option to edit different sections individually. But in Blogger theme only a single file to edit the whole blog; which has a chance of devastation.
  5. WordPress is proven better than Blogger in respect of security (Akismet, comments moderation, customizing moderation), SEO (categories, tags have great impact if properly used), flexibility (editing of comments), etc.

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